Sketching a landscape/territory


The first contact you have with a future project is usually through its future territory. Where is located, what views do you have, what surrounds you, how it is accessed, no pending or plain … And finally, what do I see as characteristic and unique on it?

A project can start from the existing topography or some other preexisting elements. There will be many objective elements that must be drawn. This ones must go through the filter of the drawing hand. By doing this, little by little we will figure out how the project should start.

In this first sketches will be the most objective and accurate to the reality. They will be easy to read by others. The information on them will help us know exactly what we are dealing with. After a series of this type of sketches, we will possibly start intervening the reality. How? Drawing a group of trees from the site more, generating possible routes parallely to the elevation changes, etc.

Here we present you a couple of sketches. We begin with a couple of academic drawings byTon Puig (1), a ESARQ-UIC student. Next one was obtained from a post by Q-creative (3), (this post is very interesting if you want to watch the beginning and the final part of a project process). And finally, there are the soon-to-become-classics we all love from the contemporary architecture firm RCR.










  1. Kailan : febrero 03, 2016 Reply

    I’m shecokd that I found this info so easily.

  2. Kathy : febrero 03, 2016 Reply

    Articles like this really grease the shafts of knodlewge.

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